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Fake Encounter – ಫೇಕ್‍ಎನ್‍ಕೌಂಟರ್ | Womanizers|Ayush Short Movie

Date of Release :22nd July 2018 Duration : 15 Minutes Fake Encounter Everyday morning when we read the newspapers or watch TV, we see news about the atrocities against women. Those known to them in the vicinity itself will harass; intimidate women. The society is showing scant respect to women …

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Janani -ಜನನಿ | Family Relationship | Ayush Short Movie

Janani The most auspicious relationship is that of Mother. However, the present generation is ignoring this relationship completely. The sacrifice of the Mother completely ignored by a son is carved into a beautiful story by Siddappaji the director of the movie. The songs have also been come out depicting the …

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00:01 sec Short Film – Ayush TV Short Film Awards

Ayush Short Movie: 00:01 sec Duration: 18 Minutes Release Date: 17 June 2018 Clarity of thought is an important trait for an individual. He should stop being confused and be clear in his thinking. A decision taken in ‘One Second’ might be dreadful for the future. Birth is accidental; death …

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RA 22 – Ayush TV Short Film Awards

Ayush Short Movie :RA 22 Duration:18 Minutes Release Date :17th June 2018 Mother and Motherland deserves respect from all citizens. Every land has its own history and language which needs to be respected. We should not downgrade any language or land. The movie R.A 22 is precisely based on the …

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